Residents Talk Safety Improvements for Park Avenue


Last night the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership held a community workshop that involved proposing safety improvements for the stretch of Park Avenue between Navy and Stueben streets. We weren’t able to make it, but MARP Executive Director Blaise Backer gave us the lowdown. He said rather than proposing “pie in the sky” improvements, participants focused on practical matters, like the need for traffic signals, better signal timing and more crosswalks. Residents said the eastern end of Park Avenue, near Stueben, was of particular concern because of its dangerous merging and low visibility. The was also talk of how high volumes of traffic pass the nearby schools, and a back and forth on the need for bike lanes, since the greenway on Flushing Avenue is close by. Architecture for Humanity New York hosted the meeting and will use the recommendations and notes for a draft proposal on safety improvements. The recommendations, which should be pulled together early in the new year, will ultimately be passed up to city officials. Anything in particular you’d like to see improved on Park Avenue? Check out pictures of the meeting here.

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