Red Hook Resident Now Has to Worry About Water Meter


    A note came in from a Red Hook resident on Sullivan Street, now displaced on Long Island. Due to flooding, her meter reader stopped working, and the DEP cannot measure the home’s water usage remotely. They have told her they will bill at a higher estimated rate unless she gets it fixed.

    My property on Sullivan Street was flooded about two and a half feet into the ground floor in the storm. While I have only a three-foot cavity under my property and no standing water, my power is still not on because of others on my grid. [I received a] ridiculous notice from the DEP that they are unable to access the electronic remote water meter reader and that they will dun my empty and powerless property at a punitive estimated rate.

    The DEP notice is automated, but she never received a follow-up message acknowledging the widespread flooding in the neighborhood. Any other Red Hook residents having this issue — among the many, many other problems that have come up in the past two weeks?

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