Closing Bell: Rally for the Bushwick Inlet Park


Biking past the Bushwick Inlet Park site last week we wondered if there were any updates since residents and politicians expressed outrage this summer over the stalled plans to create the 28-acre park. Turns out there’s a rally planned for this Saturday, October 15th, at noon, from the soccer fields at North 9th Street up Kent Avenue to Quay Street. The Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park is organizing the rally, and the organization is taking issue with the fact that the city hasn’t delivered on promised parkland that was supposed to come as part of the Williamsburg-Greenpoint rezoning in 2005. The group just launched a new website and campaign called “Where’s Our Park?” Laura Treciokas, co-founder of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, tells us, “Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, along with NAGG, GWAPP and our local elected officials are launching this campaign to push the Bloomberg Administration to make good on its promise to our community to deliver this much needed open space to our community.” Construction on the soccer field along Kent Avenue, pictured, continues, and it’s supposed to be finished by winter 2012.
Outrage Over City’s Lack of Action on Bushwick Inlet Park [Brownstoner]

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