Plans Scrapped for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Velodrome


Joshua Rechnitz, the mysterious wealthy donor of a $50 million velodrome and rec center for Brooklyn Bridge Park, has withdrawn his proposal. According to The New York Times, he will search for another location for the indoor recreation center. After months of planning, those involved were unable to find a design that could be completed and maintained within the $50 million donation. Because the roof would be visible to park goers, it was required to look aesthetic, which drove up the price. There were also concerns about protecting the structure from future flooding. Even after the plans were scaled back and Rechnitz upped his pledge from $40 million to $50 million, it still wasn’t feasible. Although local Brooklyn Heights residents expressed concerns about the size of the building and potential traffic, those were not among the reasons the plans were pulled, according to the Times. Rechnitz will take his plan elsewhere in New York or New Jersey with the same funding. As for the site in Brooklyn Bridge Park, currently occupied by a warehouse, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation President Regina Meyer told the Times they may return to their initial plan for a garage for park maintenance equipment, storage for recreational boats, and restrooms.
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