Anthony McCall’s Massive Light Sculptures on View at Pioneer Works in Red Hook

Image via Pioneer Works


A series of massive sculptures are currently lighting up Pioneer Works in Red Hook.

Solid Light Works,” an exhibition by the artist Anthony McCall that closes on March 11, presents both his vertical and horizontal light sculptures, which have never been shown together. These enormous works, which require over 30 feet of clearance, could only be shown in a space the size of Pioneer Works, a former machine factory.

The light sculptures began with a series of films McCall made between 1973 and 1975 that were presented in gallery spaces instead of movie theaters and required no screen. The light beam between the projector and the wall became the focus, which viewers, instead of simply watching, could interact with or interrupt.

Image via Pioneer Works

Image via Pioneer Works

For the exhibition at Pioneer Works, the windows, which normally drape the space in natural light, are completely blacked out. Smoke machines add a layer of haze to the room that make the slowly moving rays of light more visible.

Curated by Gabriel Florenz, the founding Artistic Director of Pioneer Works, the exhibition can be viewed for free Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 6 p.m. A series of performances connected to the exhibition, organized by the musician David Grubbs, are currently happening every other Friday until March 2. For more information on both, click here.

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