Park Avenue Street Improvements Moving Forward


A few weeks ago the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership and Architecture for Humanity presented schematic ideas to Community Board 2’s Transportation Committee for Park between Navy and Steuben Streets. After years of community workshops, MARP found that safety is by far the biggest concern on the avenue. Architects for Humanity proposed stop signs, neckdowns, increased lighting, left turn lanes at busy intersections, additional crosswalks (some of which are textured and raised), and re-striping the parking spaces. They also proposed closing the crossover near Grand Avenue (down by the mural, also pictured above) to simplify the traffic patterns and increase pedestrian accessibility. The space near the mural could then be used as a community space. Another proposal was to reorient the parking, which would then be accessed from service roads off the moving lanes. That would free up pedestrian space under the BQE. The full community board supported these proposals during the meeting last week. Meredith Phillips Almeida of MARP told us DOT has been part of this conversation and will respond to these plans before a final proposal is created. MARP also plans to hold one last community feedback meeting at the end of this month before finalizing any plans. We will let you know when a date and time for the meeting is scheduled.

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