Parents Trying to Create Another P.S. 321 in Park Slope


Park Slope parents put up a stink about the school district rezoning, which passed in late November, but now they’re rallying to make the new school in the district just as good as P.S. 321. Around 30 families who were zoned out of P.S. 321 and into the as-yet-unamed school in the St. Thomas Aquinas building on Fourth Avenue and 8th Street for September 2013 have already started an unofficial PTA group, reports DNAinfo. Because the PTA cannot be official until the kids have started school, parents are considering setting up a nonprofit to raise cash and apply for grants before the school year even starts. They will work with Liz Phillips, the current principal of P.S. 321, and her assistant principal Elizabeth Garraway, who will likely be the principal at St. Thomas Aquinas. Right now only about 50 students are enrolled in the kindergarten class for next year, a small pool for fundraising efforts compared with P.S. 321’s 1,400 students.
Park Slope Parents Want New School to Be as ‘Desirable’ as P.S. 321 [DNAinfo]

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