Open-Door Policy in the Heights Inviting Thieves?


    Yesterday morning Brooklyn Heights Blog had a post regarding an email sent out by Judy Stanton, the executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, about how there had been five daytime burglaries in the neighborhood in the previous four days, and all of them involved thieves entering unlocked houses. City Room picked up on the story and interviewed some residents of the neighborhood, where an officer was taping up hundreds of warning fliers yesterday. One person who’s lived in the area since 1984 said unlocked doors are common in the Heights: “You get used to a certain level of comfort and you don’t go back too easily. But I locked my door today.” Is America’s first suburb the only section of Brooklyn where unlocked doors are common?
    Five Daytime Burglaries in Brooklyn Heights in Last Four Days [BHB]
    To Burgle in Brooklyn Heights, No Heavy Equipment Needed [City Room]

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