Neighbors Don’t Like Daniel Goldstein’s Reno Plans


    Daniel Goldstein has been in the news plenty for his work protesting the Atlantic Yards development, but today he graced the New York Times for a different reason: His South Slope neighbors disapprove of his home extension. (A similar story was published by the Daily News back in October 2011.) Goldstein is adding a deck, a hot tub and an extension to the back of the home he bought after Atlantic Yards developers demolished his apartment building, pictured. He received $3 million for the apartment in the way of Atlantic Yards, which he bought in 2003 for $590,000; he purchased his South Slope home in May 2011 for $812,000. Neighbors on either side said the addition will be bulky and out of context, although both have sold their homes and either moved out or are moving soon. (The new neighbors seem unconcerned about the home addition and more worried about the coming effects of Atlantic Yards.) Here’s a nice takeaway quote, from a neighbor who doesn’t care that Golstein says his plans are within the existing zoning regulations: “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean it’s morally right. This is like if you have a peaceful piece of property on a lake, and a Jet Ski comes through.”
    For Former Opponent of Atlantic Yards, a Smaller-Scale Battle [NY Times]

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