Navy Yard to Start Work on Building 77


    The Brooklyn Navy Yard announces today that the corporation will begin renovation on Building 77, the largest structure at the yard. The million-square-foot, 16-story former Navy storage facility is the last large building on site to be developed. According to the Wall Street Journal, the anchor tenant is “a Brooklyn-based developer and entrepreneur who is taking over 240,000 square feet for his own medical lab.” He will rent 180,000 of that square footage out to other companies, and will spend $20 million on the move. The Navy Yard will spend a total of $60 million on this renovation, their largest investment in any building on site. There are no renderings yet, but the building currently has no windows on its lower floors and the walls are more than two feet thick. The news comes as the Brooklyn Navy Yard begins on a much larger redevelopment process, including the restoration of Building B and the timber shed as well as a new supermarket.
    New Project Brings Anchor to Navy Yard [WSJ]
    Photo via Google Maps

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