Myrtle Avenue Pedestrian Plaza Construction Starts This Thursday


Officials will break ground on the long-delayed Myrtle Avenue Pedestrian Plaza on Thursday. The project will create a 25,000 square foot plaza on Myrtle Avenue between Hall Street and Emerson Place.

The plan has been in the works for many years; community meetings to develop the design began in 2010. This stretch of Myrtle has two lanes, one for regular traffic and a service road on the east-bound side. The revamp will shorten the service road from four blocks to two (a narrower road will remain between Hall Street and Grand Street Avenue) and will create a plaza with trees, plantings, public art, a water fountain and programming space.

Once completed, the space will be maintained by the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership, which will coordinate with local groups to organize events there. Construction should last between 12 and 18 months. More renderings after the jump.

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Renderings via Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership

Myrtle Plaza2

Myrtle Plaza3

Myrtle Plaza4

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