More Drama from the P.S. 321 Rezoning


Despite the city reeling from Hurricane Sandy, the New York Times still managed to fit in a story about the turmoil surrounding the Park Slope school rezoning. There isn’t any particularly new news — the article focused on the newly controversial citywide policy that allows since-moved residents to remain at popular P.S. 321 while other parents in the neighborhood are zoned out. According to the Times, “Parents living in the zone say that the children who live elsewhere are taking up precious seats, and that families who come to the area without plans to stay long are taking advantage of the rules.” The article does make the point that many of the families who no longer live in the neighborhood had to move because they simple couldn’t afford it. And of course, the real estate issue comes up: a couple planning to sell their apartment, which is located in the new zone outside of P.S. 321, believes it may sell for $100,000 less than expected.
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