Memorial for the “Old Williamsburg”


    Here’s an interesting email that popped up in the inbox about an event planned for Memorial Day to remember and celebrate the “old Williamsburg” and rail against the new one:

    Do you long for that day when ALL you had to mock in Williamsburg was hipsters? Tired of nannies with double wide baby carriages headed to pop-art baby toy stores? Tired of Land Rovers replacing bikes? Tired of specialty pickle shops, artisanal napkin stores and Pilates studios on every block? Tired of condos blocking out your view of Manhattan? Are you just sick and tired of watching sports bars take over your favorite neighborhood dives AND douche them all up?

    The event, called “I Am The New Williamsburg!,” features bands, a DJ, and guest performers. Wonder what the effigy is going to look like…
    Photo by zachvs

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