Looking at the Damage at The Good Fork


    Today Nona Brooklyn profiled the Good Fork, the Red Hook restaurant severely damaged by flooding. The blog will focus on restaurants, kitchens, and fields that were destroyed by the hurricane over the next few days. Here’s what Sohui Kim, one of the owners, tells them:

    Downstairs in the basement, obviously, it was just a swimming pool. It was full of water all the way to the ceiling. We have a lot of equipment down there. All of the compressors for all the machines we use, the ice machine, a chest freezer, a refrigerator — all of those things are expensive pieces of equipment that are essential to running a restaurant and they were all destroyed. We had our prep kitchen and a lot of dry storage down there was well. That’s all just gone.

    So yeah, we lost a lot. All the food, some wine, a lot of equipment, and the damage to the space. We’re going to have to tear out the floors, the walls and rebuild them from scratch. All new furniture. It’s a do-over. We’re starting over.

    The Chamber of Commerce and the Small Business Administration are setting up loans at a low interest rate to help damaged restaurants stay afloat. The Good Fork plans to rebuild but has no set opening date, although they guess it will be in a few weeks time. While they regroup, the Good Fork will be cooking food at Skylark, a bar at 5th Avenue and 11th Street in Park Slope, starting next week. Sheepshead Bites also ran a good roundup today of all the businesses in the neighborhood getting back on their feet.
    After the Flood: Starting From Scratch at The Good Fork [Nona Brooklyn]
    Photo by Nona Brooklyn

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