Local LICH Meeting to Gauge Community Preference on Fortis Rezoning Proposal


    As controversy continues around developer Fortis’s still-undecided plan for Cobble Hill, yet another public meeting is being held to discuss public options.

    Fortis recently officiated its purchase of the former Long Island College Hospital site in a $240,000,000 sale, but the developer’s plans for the area still remain undecided.

    Fortis has made two development proposals for the residential neighborhood: The first would build 900,000 square feet of market-rate housing, as well as a new school and affordable housing. The second would only build 528,000 square feet of market-rate housing, and would not include any of the additional community amenities.

    While Fortis has made clear that they would prefer to build the first option, involving additional condo units and local amenities, this requires rezoning approval from City Council.

    The Cobble Hill Association (CHA), a local group outspokenly in opposition to developer Fortis’s plans, will be holding its fall general meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 18 at P.S. 29 at 425 Henry Street, according to DNAinfo.

    In addition to a full agenda including other local concerns, there will be discussion of the LICH site’s redevelopment and which Fortis plan the community prefers.

    Long Island College Hospital Meeting

    [Source: DNA | Photo: Hannah Frishberg]

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