Kings County Bar Moves a Few Blocks


After only five months in business, Bushwick restaurant 1 Knickerbocker is closing up shop, to be replaced by older Bushwick bar Kings County. Both have the same owner. 

The restaurant 1 Knickerbocker opened in late January with “Old New American” cuisine inspired by turn-of-the-century New York City restaurant menus and pre-Prohibiton cocktails. But when we stopped by last week, co-owner Aimee Arciuolo was painting the walls of the front bar black, and had already finished repainting the entrance at the intersection of Morgan, Johnson and Knickerbocker Avenues.

She said the landlord of Kings County was pushing the dive bar out of its spot at 286 Siegel Street between Bogart and White Streets because he wanted to open his own bar there. Kings County plans to re-open in the updated 1 Knickerbocker space, which includes a stage in the back room for musical acts, Friday, July 18. Interestingly, co-owner Jesse Levitt, who owns the 7,000-square-foot commercial building at 1 Knickbocker, has put the building up for sale for $2,500,000. He bought it in September 2012 for $1,625,000, according to public records. 

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