Inside a Windsor Terrace Church, Pre-Renovation


We took a trip out to Holy Name of Jesus Church at 245 Prospect Park West in Windsor Terrace to check out the interior, which has been dramatically altered throughout the years. The congregation is trying to raise upwards of $1 million for a full-scale restoration. The main focus of the project is remaking the altar area, including purchasing and installing a marble altarpiece by James Renwick (originally the focal point at a different Brooklyn church, now dissembled at a warehouse.) If the congregation raises more money, they will consider replacing the pews and the carpet and taking out the back wall. In any event, the Pepto-Bismol pink paint is definitely going. Click through to see interior photos of the church and read more details about the renovation plans. As of this week, the congregation has already raised $725,000 toward the project. Impressive.
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A view of the altar and the pink paint.

Those beams will come out and the altarpiece will go in.

The altarpiece in question, which is now in storage. This photo is from the church’s Facebook page.

They’ll move in the altar in and take out the carpeting. The cross in the left corner of the altar is part of the Renwick altarpiece. It will also need to be restored.

Depending on the funds raised, the congregation also hopes to replace the pews.

More pink paint. The color was apparently chosen based on a color in the stained glass windows, which are original to the building.

This area to the right of the altar will also be revamped. Those two statues are part of the larger Renwick altar.

A tentative rendering on the possibilities for the church. No design is set in stone yet.

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