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    Horizontal Fence Week continues! After Monday’s hit Bed Stuy backyard makeover, we saw a surge in interest about horizontal fences and asked readers to send us their own fence pics. The photo above is from the backyard of a brownstone in Stuyvesant Heights.

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    Fence1 Fence2

    A reader in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island shared the two pictures above and also offered some insight into life with a horizontal fence:
    “After a couple of years we decided that we didn’t like how the cedar was silvering, so we stained it a dark brown. One complication we hadn’t anticipated with the horizontal fence: Twice now large storms have downed sizable branches from the trees that surround our yard, damaging the fence in the process. That the boards are horizontal has perhaps meant that more boards were damaged during each incident than would have been the case with a vertically oriented fence. Of course, I’m just guessing though.”


    A reader spotted this horizontal fence “in the wild” in Brooklyn Heights.


    Horizontal fence from a Bergen Street backyard in Prospect Heights.

    IMG_4049 IMG_5246

    A reader constructed the fence above: “I built this out of cedar (4″, 6″, 8″ and 12” widths) with 4×4 pressure treated posts set in concrete. Wood was from Dykes.”


    Horizontal fence in Prospect Heights. Check out the child-height bench.


    “From our backyard in Stuyvesant heights. Came with house, unstained. We thought is was a weird choice at first but have come to really like it.”


    Marisa in Bed-Stuy sent us this one, saying: “Here is one more horizontal fence pic that demonstrates how this style works great for building around a tree that may fall on the border.”


    When the reader who submitted this pic moved into her Lefferts Manor home in 2011, the backyard was a “patch of weeds surrounded by a chainlink fence.” But just look at it now. “I used cedar for the horizontal boards and for the posts,” she wrote. “I doubled up on pressure treated wood, to keep the cost manageable.”


    Here’s another view of the Bed Stuy backyard makeover fence.


    horizontal fence
    Brownstoner reader Susan, who lives in a second-floor condo on Lincoln Place, has a large deck housed on top of a garage. She says:

    The floor choice allowed us to use plenty of cedar to create high horizontal fencing around the three outer sides of the deck. There aren’t any views, it’s more like a room without a ceiling, and we love the cozy feel of the wood walls; they don’t feel at all like fences.

    And the original 2006 horizontal fence that’s become a Pinterest phenomenon.


    Send your fence pictures to Barbara [at] brownstoner and we’ll add them to the post.

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