Hookers Seeing Red Over Strip Club


Paris Burlesque Club, the venue that opened in Red Hook earlier this year, has dispensed with burlesque shows and turned into a seedy strip club, according to the Brooklyn Paper. While the club’s owner, David Ruggiero, promised it wouldn’t be “an adult establishment” when he went before Community Board 6 seeking a liquor license, the paper found women pole dancing and offering lap dances on a recent visit. Neighbors are also complaining about violence outside the club and say there was a recent incident in which patrons peed on nearby buildings. Folks who live nearby and were against the club’s opening in the first place because they feared it would become a strip joint are, of course, upset. A burlesque dancer who produced a couple of legit shows at the club when it was first open says Ruggiero “used our art form to justify peddling smut.” The article also notes that Paris is operating without a proper cabaret license.
Neighbors Irate Over Strip-Club Switcheroo [BK Paper]

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