HDC Pushes Against Coignet Stone Lot Reduction


The Landmarks Preservation Commission may have voted to approve a request to reduce the lot around the Coignet Stone building on the Whole Foods site in Gowanus, but a prominent preservation organization is protesting the decision. The Historic Districts Council had the following to say about the matter in an email blast that went out yesterday: “This proposal is an effort [for Whole Foods] to avoid the normal Landmarks Preservation Commission review process. The owners of the Coignet Building should be required to present plans at a public hearing to show how their proposal relates to the designated property. Otherwise, this will point the way for all who want to build upon a landmarked site and avoid LPC oversight.” The proposal still has to be approved by the City Planning Commission and then the City Council Subcommittee on Landmarks, which should happen within the next couple months. Meanwhile, HDC started a petition asking for “proper protection” for the Coignet Stone building and a public hearing about the request to reduce the lot size.
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