Green-Wood Suffered Major Damage from Hurricane


    The Times profiled the significant damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy at Green-Wood Cemetery — 292 trees destroyed or badly damaged and monuments, headstones and ornamental fences crushed, shattered and overturned. (None of the grave sites for Green-Wood’s famous occupants were damaged.) It is estimated that the cleanup will cost around $500,000. Insurance coverage for repairs will be minimal, although some private donors have made some contributions. Right now the cemetery grounds crew has been taking care of most of the damage. Of the many cemeteries in New York City damaged by Sandy, the Times notes, Green-Wood was hit the worst by far. You can see even more pictures of the damage at the Green-Wood Cemetery blog.
    Many Cemeteries Damaged, but Green-Wood Bore Brunt of Storm [NY Times]
    Photo via Green-Wood Discovery

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