Graffiti Now Covering Masstransiscope Subway Artwork


    We haven’t seen it for ourselves yet, but a tipster sent a note about spray paint graffiti all over the Masstransiscope art installation in the B/Q train subway tunnel just past Dekalb Avenue. She wonders: “Perhaps it happened during the hurricane when there was no vigilance? This saddens me, because I am a big fan of it and am upset to see it vandalized (especially at a time when restoring it will certainly be last on the list of the MTA’s current priorities).” The MTA commissioned this work in 1980 and restored it back in 2008. The 228 hand-painted panels are viewed through a series of vertical slits from the train, creating the appearance of a 20-second animated movie. The art piece runs the full 300-foot length of the unused subway station at Myrtle Avenue.
    Photo via the MTA

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