Full Rehab for the Parkside Avenue Q Station

Today the Q at Parkside Blog reports some welcome news for neighborhood Q train riders: the DOT secured the money to totally rehab the Parkside Q Station. That means restoration of the stairs, tracks, ceilings, columns, etc. Q at Parkside says, “No word yet on how extensive will be the cosmetic work on the headhouse, but believe me I got down on my knees and begged Assistant Director Andrew Inglesby for light fixtures, matching doors, scraping down to the bone and repainting. Look, if they don’t do the job properly and fix more than the infrastructure, what’s the point of spending millions of our dollars?” The New York City Transportation Authority is bidding out the project right now and work should begin in the spring.
Dreams Really Can Come True for the Q [The Q at Parkside]
Photo by miss julia

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