Franklin Avenue Business Owner Fundraising for New Bookstore


The owner of Little Zelda’s and Wedge, both located on Franklin Avenue, is aiming to open another establishment on the block. His newest venture is a book store, planned for the old pawn shop space on the corner of Park Place and Franklin Avenue. (The pawn shop was not a welcome addition to Franklin when it arrived a few years ago.) The bookstore will be called Hullabaloo and will focus on fiction, poetry, cookbooks, children’s books, art, and local authors/artists. There will be an entire shelf devoted to Crown Heights authors and artists. Hullabaloo will accept donations of used books to start, and the plan is to eventually phase in new books and magazines. The plan is to open it next month. The owner is currently fundraising to launch a free event series at the space — they want to host local and international authors for readings, have monthly speakers series, hold weekly free storytelling events for kids, and writing workshops for teens and adults. The goal is to raise $18,420. Check out the Kickstarter page right here.

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