Fowler Square Voted to Become Permanent Fixture


Yesterday Streetsblog reported on Tuesday’s Community Board Two transportation committee meeting, which considered the matter of Fort Greene public space Fowler Square. The committee voted for the temporary space to become permanent. In the words of Streetsblog: “Community Board 2′s transportation committee voted 7-0, with one abstention, to support the conversion of Fowler Square Plaza in Fort Greene from a temporary public space to a permanent feature of the neighborhood.” The public plaza, installed by Department of Transportation this summer, received some heat from the community before its installation. But DOT found that many nearby residents visit the plaza on a regular basis and believe the space has improved quality of life and is a positive addition to the neighborhood. Twenty-six of the 29 nearby businesses also expressed support of the plaza. The DOT found minimal impact on traffic due to closing off South Elliott Place. So it looks like the plaza is here to stay. Streetsblog did not mention if DOT plans to alter the design in any way as it transitions to a permanent space.
Brooklyn Committee Unanimously Supports Permanent Fowler Plaza [Streetsblog]

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