Following Complaints, OSA Moving Concerts Out of Park


    In response to numerous complaints over the Open Space Alliance’s Summer Concert Series at the East River State Park, OSA rep Stephanie Thayer (pictured) announced to Community Board 1 last night that the concerts would be moved to 50 Kent Avenue at North 10th Street, part of the Bushwick Inlet Park. The new spot, which is currently an asphalt-covered parking lot, will be the third location for the concert series. Thayer said all site preparation should be done by next summer. “We’re here to engage the community,” she told residents, some of whom were still hostile because of the series’ problems this summer. There will be a public hearing on the move to 50 Kent on October 20th, 6:30 p.m., at 211 Ainslie Street.

    After the jump, CB1 recaps its summer meetings with OSA, which included death threats….

    Later in the night, a rep from CB1 reported on the series of meetings held with OSA regarding complaints over the summer concerts. Apparently death threats were made over filming the nitrous oxide incident after the Widespread Panic concert. A committee member called said incident “a nightmare.” The committee has asked OSA to pick more appropriate bands for the neighborhood and venue. But some of the problems, such as noise and crowds, were deemed “unsolvable.” The board seemed hopeful that the location change would solve some problems, especially since a public hearing is being held for the new space.

    Some audience members expressed concern that moving the concert a few blocks away wouldn’t serve as an effective solution. Members of the community board said that all concerns could be addressed further at the public hearing. So, what do you think? Will the location change make much of a difference?

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