Emily Restaurant Debuts Wednesday


At Emily, slated to open tomorrow in Clinton Hill, the focus is on wood-fired cooking. The custom Pavesi copper-plated oven at 919 Fulton Street, above, will turn out artisan pizzas and wood-fired main courses.

A pizza named the “Emily” will feature honey, Taleggio, truffle and pistachio. There will also be pastas and salads. Even desserts will be made in the oven, such as a s’mores calzone filled with marshmallow and chocolate and topped with graham-cracker crumble.

The open kitchen will feature a chef’s table, and there will be monthly pizza-making workshops. Owners Matthew and Emily Hyland, a married couple, raised the money to build the oven on Kickstarter, where you can see photos of some of their pizzas. GMAP

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