The Extravagant Christmas Lights of Dyker Heights (Photos)

Photo by snarlinsnage


It is the time of year when electrical use spikes in Dyker Heights as the neighborhood glows with over-the-top, brilliant holiday displays. This year is no exception; pictures of the preparations started popping up on social media in early November as homeowners began working on their well-lit masterpieces.

Thousands of visitors descend on the neighborhood from Thanksgiving through the first week of January, taking in the array of glowing homes between 11th and 13th avenues and 83rd through 86th streets. With oversized figures, lights of every color and musical accompaniment, there is something to amaze every onlooker.

After looking through scores of images that attempt to capture the tricky nighttime scenes, here are our top Instagram image picks that capture the sparkle that is Dyker Heights in December.

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