Flatbush Triangles To Get Made Over


    On Tuesday night Community Boards 6 and 8 held a transportation meeting to discuss the North Flatbush Ave. Capital Project Scoping, a plan to improve the Flatbush triangular islands at 6th, 7th, and 8th Avenues and Carlton Avenue. Although the concept is still in the early stages of development, the plan is for all the triangles will receive extra seating, wider sidewalks, trees, bike racks, and generally more “usable public space.” The most dramatic idea on the table was for the 8th Avenue Triangle, where the original proposal was to close St. Johns Place between Flatbush and 8th and use it as a pedestrian plaza, redirecting traffic onto 8th. (Plan is pictured.) Because of protests from those living at One Plaza Street, the plan was revised (check out the revised design after the jump.) Those not living at One Plaza expressed a great interest in expanding that public space, but the building tenants protested on the basis of both emergency and convenience access. Even with the revised plan at 8th Avenue, there was still concern over bottleneck traffic from St. Johns onto Flatbush after the proposed sidewalk extensions. But overall, community board members mostly supported the need to improve sidewalks and safety on the triangles. The planning and design process for this project could be another two years before a 12-18 month construction period. Update: Download their Powerpoint presentation here.


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