Dilapidated Slope Building Facing Foreclosure


    Rachel Nash, the daughter of the owner of the notoriously rundown Park Slope building at 187 7th Avenue, made an appearance at the open forum portion of this week’s Community Board 6 meeting. She initially asked the community for ideas in financing the art gallery being run on the ground floor of the building and talked about how she plans to renovate the upper floors of the townhouse into housing for artists. But the conversation quickly turned to the building’s upkeep. Members from CB6 asked about the building being under foreclosure pressure. According to Nash, the family is trying to appeal the foreclosure actions that have been taken. Nash also described an ongoing battle to remove the sidewalk shed around the building. She claimed the old contractor who originally erected it is unavailable to take it down, and other contractors have refused to do it. The building recently received attention from politicians who said they wanted to work with the owner to make the building safer. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Paper has more details about Nash’s plans for the ground floor—assuming the family retains control of the building—which includes renovating the former Landmark Pub in the space “into a cafe with ‘poetry nights.'”
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