Demolition for Two Bed Stuy Homes


    A reader sent in the above photos of 836 and 834 Halsey Street, between Howard and Ralph Avenues. He said: “These two houses were just declared uninhabitable [by the DOB] and are slated for demolition any day now. Right across the street from a public school and the Bed Stuy Fish Fry.” A full vacate order exists at No. 834 (the home on the right) due to structural damages that compromised the party wall. No. 836 has a very long list of DOB violations and complaints, most of which pertain to the persistent failure to maintain the building. Our tipster says the side of the yellow house has been falling apart since he moved nearby two years ago. Once the homes are demolished, there will be five empty lots in a row there, right across the street from Saratoga Park, which could mean an eyesore for the block or a development to come. GMAP

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