Demo for South Slope Wood Frame


    The South Slope blog IMBY reported yesterday that a pre-demolition application has been filed for the wood frame house at 361 13th Street, between 6th and 7th avenues. As IMBY says: “This ‘1920’ two story semi-detached wood frame home sold this past July for $795,000; once it’s obliterated, it will allow for construction of a typical 50-foot tall, four-family infill condo building like the kind that have sprung up all over Brooklyn in the last decade.” We know the type! (And the house is likely much older than 1920.) At this time, the DOB hasn’t yet approved any building plans for this site post-demolition. Do you think this will be a loss or a plus for the neighborhood?
    Park Slope South to Lose More Wood [IMBY] GMAP
    Photo by IMBY

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