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    Brooklyn is known for its many entrepreneurs, creatives and freelancers, and it has also become a hotbed of coworking spaces to accommodate them.

    From Gowanus to Bushwick, there are many options for writers, tech startups, media companies and other creatives in need of shared offices, studio space or desks.

    The recipe for a coworking space is simple. Get a nifty name, lease a large commercial space, carve it up into areas of varying sizes with monthly — or even daily — rental fees, and offer lots of extras.

    More affordable and flexible than typical office rents and leases, coworking spaces allow full-time and part-time workers alike to establish a work space as varied as their daily routine.

    Beyond the expected desks, wi-fi and plenty of coffee, some coworking spaces offer phone booths for private calls, studios, conference rooms and event spaces. Some even let you bring your dog to work.

    Here’s our list of Brooklyn coworking spaces — locales where you can rent a desk or office by the day, week, or month and rub elbows with some of the borough’s best and brightest.

    Coworking Spaces Brooklyn Makeshift Society

    Bat Haus
    Rates: Full for $225/month; Lite $175/month; Fiver for $85/month; Day for $25/day; Community for $25/month; Virtual for $75/month
    Location: 279 Starr Street in Bushwick
    Target: All, creatives

    The Bakery
    Rates: Desk for $550/month
    Location: 325 Rutledge Street in Williamsburg
    Target: Art people

    Brooklyn Art Library
    Rates: $95/month
    Location: 28 Frost Street
    Target: Artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers

    Brooklyn Commons
    Rates: Meeting rooms are $20 an hour; desks start at $300 a month
    Location: 495 Flatbush Avenue in Prospect Lefferts Gardens
    Target: Freelancers and others

    Brooklyn Creative League
    Rates: Private office for $1,500-$3,000/month; full-time desks for $495-$575/month; part-time workspace for $225-$350/month; virtual office for $79/month
    Location: 540 President Street in Gowanus
    Target: Freelancers, small-shop companies, and nonprofit organizations

    Coworking Spaces Brooklyn Coworkrs

    Brooklyn Desks
    Rates: Unlimited for $250/month; limited for $179/month; shared office with a private desk for $325/month; one-desk office for $425/month; two-desk office for $650/month; three-desk office for $1,000/month
    Location: 49 Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick
    Target: All are welcome

    Brooklyn Metal Works
    Rates: Semi-private studio rental for $500/month; dedicated bench rental for $350/month; hourly and daily bench rental for various prices
    Location: 640 Dean Street in Prospect Heights
    Target: Artists, designers and makers

    Brooklyn Research
    Rates: Desk membership for $300/month
    Location: 630 Flushing Avenue, 6th Floor, in Bed Stuy
    Target: Independent artists and researchers

    BrooklynWorks at 159
    Rates: Desks for $325/month; one-person offices for $475/month; two-person offices for $725/month; two-person window offices for $825/month; three-plus-person offices starting at $925/month; virtual office for $80/month
    Location: 159 20th Street #1B in South Slope
    Target: All are welcome

    The Brooklyn Writers Space
    Rates: Full-time for $140/month; part-time for $108/month or $132/month
    Location: 185 1st Street, 2nd Floor, and 168 7th Street, 3rd Floor in Gowanus; 286 Court Street in Carroll Gardens
    Target: Writers

    The Compound Cowork
    Rates: Open coworking for $225/month; dedicated desk for $375/month; night owl for $120/month; private conference room for $35/hour; one-person office for $500-$850/month; daily rate is $45
    Location: 1120 Washington Avenue, 2nd Floor, in Prospect Lefferts Gardens
    Target: All are welcome

    Rates: Conference rooms for $50/hour; open workspace for $350/month; dedicated desks for $450/month; private office suites for $750/month
    Location: 68 3rd Street in Gowanus
    Target: All are welcome

    Dean Machine
    Rates: Flex desk membership for $275/month; dedicated desk membership for $425/month; dedicated partner membership for $600/month
    Location: 1037 Dean Street in Crown Heights
    Target: All are welcome

    Double 6 Studio
    Rates: Starting at $850/month
    Location: 66 Green Street in Greenpoint
    Target: Stills, photo or catalog shoots, and film/video production

    Free Candy Creative Studio
    Rates: $250/month; $25/day; cultural supporter for $30/month
    Location: 905 Atlantic Avenue, 2nd Floor, in Crown Heights
    Target: Creative professionals

    Friends Work Here
    Rates: full-time dedicated desk for $650/month; “floaters” who get access to space but no dedicated desk for $400/month
    Location: 47 Bergen Street, 3rd Floor, in Cobble Hill
    Target: All are welcome

    The Gowanus Studio Space
    Rates: Membership fee is $300; basic membership for $160/month; basic plus membership for $205/month; full membership for $370/month; studio membership for $500-725/month
    Location: 166 7th Street, Ground Floor, in Gowanus
    Target: Designers and artists

    Green Desk
    Rates: Virtual office for $49/month; single desk for $299/month; conference room for $40/hour or $200/day; private office for $425-$2,400/month; large spaces for $3,000-$9,000/month
    Location:147 Prince Street in Downtown Brooklyn; 240 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg; 67 West Street in Greenpoint; 195 Plymouth Street, 68 Jay Street and 155 Water Street in Dumbo
    Target: All are welcome

    Industrious Brooklyn
    Rates: Desks start at $500/month; offices start at $700/month
    Location: 594 Dean Street in Prospect Heights
    Target: All are welcome

    Lemonsqueeze Space
    Rates: Fixed desk for $550/month, includes office service; drop in day pass for $30; virtual office for $300/month; non resident meeting room for $40/hour
    Location: 185 Wythe Avenue, 2nd Floor, in Williamsburg
    Target: Startups and entrepreneurs

    Mica Studios
    Rates: Eight hours for $600 ($50/hour for overtime); four hours for $450 ($50/hour for overtime)
    Location: In the process of moving to a new location
    Target: Daylight rental photo studio

    Myrtle Light Studios
    Rates: Rooms start at $650/month
    Location: 1533 Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick
    Target: Creative workers

    Rates: $200-300 for dedicated desks with 24/7 access
    Location: 67 West Street #304 in Greenpoint
    Target: All are welcome

    Nowhere Studios
    Rates: Starting at $180/month
    Location: 1582 Atlantic Avenue in Crown Heights
    Target: All are welcome

    NY Studio Factory
    Rates: $500 to $3,000 a month depending on size, location, specs and amenities
    Location: 88 North 1st Street and 153 Roebling Street in Williamsburg; 2 St. Nicholas Avenue and 44 Stewart Avenue in Bushwick
    Target: Designers and artists

    Rates: Base student rate is $225/half day (four hours or less) and $375 for a full day (eight hours); base audition rate is $20/hour for weekdays and $30/hour nights and weekends; base rehearsal rate is $15/hour; darkroom is $15/hour
    Location: 57 Thames Street in Bushwick
    Target: Creative professionals

    Prospect Commons
    Rates: Private office space for $795/month; designated workspace for $395/month; shared workspace for $225/month
    Location: 172 Empire Boulevard in Prospect Lefferts Gardens
    Target: All are welcome

    SHARED Brooklyn
    Rates: Part-time for $225/month; full-time for $375/month; dedicated desk for $475/month; private office for $750/month; workshare for $175/month
    Location: 185 Van Dyke Street in Red Hook
    Target: All are welcome

    SPark Workshop Brooklyn
    Rates: Shop membership for $199/month; shop and storage for $306/month; private or shared studio for $710-$1,416/month
    Location: 33 34th Street in Sunset Park
    Target: Wood workers

    St. Lydia’s
    Rates: $80/month for eight hours/week, $160/month for 20 hours/week, and $240/month for 40 hours/week
    Location: 304 Bond Street
    Target: All are welcome

    Rates: Desks from $500/month; offices from $600/month
    Locations: 81 Prospect Street in Dumbo Heights; 195 Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights; 240 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg; 109 S. 5th Street in South Williamsburg
    Target: All kinds of workers and companies from advertising to technology and media

    The Yard
    Rates: Open coworking for $250/month; dedicated desk for $400/month; private office for $500-$3,600/month
    Location: 33 Nassau Avenue in Greenpoint
    Target: Businesses, freelancers and creative professionals

    Did we miss a Brooklyn coworking space? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it.

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