Community Wants More Affordable Housing at Rheingold Brewery Site in Bushwick


    Representatives from Read Property faced plenty of community opposition when they presented their development plan for the massive Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick to the City Council on Tuesday, Bushwick Daily reported. Councilwoman Diana Reyna said Read hadn’t incorporated enough affordable housing that Bushwick residents could afford. The 1,000,000-square-foot development will have 242 affordable apartments out of 977 units, along with ground floor retail and a new public park. The current affordable units are priced for 60 percent of the city’s median wealth level, which is $51,544 for a family of four. Reyna pointed out that in Bushwick, families of four have a median income of $34,000.

    “Basically what the proposal is offering is that zero percent of Bushwick residents will access this housing,” said Jose Lopez, a housing organizer with Make the Road. He said the apartments should be affordable to residents making less than 30 percent of the city’s median wealth, and that the number of affordable apartments be raised from 24 percent to 35 percent of the development.

    Developer Robert Wolf said he wanted lower-income residents to be able to live in the planned six- and eight-story complex, but only if additional rent subsidies will help cover the cost. He’s also pledged $350,000 to help revitalize the nearby Green Central Knoll Park, and he’s enlisted a nonprofit to train community members to work on the job site.

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    Rendering from Read Property via New York Daily News

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