Closing Bell: The Mosaic on Wyckoff Street


Today the Brooklyn Bureau profiled the artist behind the house mural at 108 Wyckoff Street, a work in progress of ten years. Susan Gardner, the artist and Boerum Hill resident of 40 years, began the mural in earnest after the September 11th Attacks. “It was one of those things that seemed to change the tilt of the world,” she told the Brooklyn Bureau. “Once I started [the mural], I couldn’t stop.” Now she spends every summer expanding upon the artwork. (She plans to work on it for another ten years.) There are a few good stories about passerbys stopping for a picture and people leaving broken plates and beads on her doorstep. And one lady tells Gardener, “I don’t know what it is, but when I’m feeling down, I come by this house. And like that, I’m feeling good again.”
Brooklyn Edges: A Mosaic Grows as Boerum Hill Changes [Brooklyn Bureau]

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