Closing Bell: Sunset Park Rent Strike This Thursday


Fifty-one families in Sunset Park have organized a rent strike for this Thursday to protest the conditions at 553, 545, and 557 46th Street. Building residents says that city agencies have not responded to complaints about hazardous wiring, vermin, and garbage. And they allege that the super has not been responsive to frequent building blackouts (one of which lasted 12 hours) and the loss of heat during the wintertime. According to longtime residents, conditions at the three buildings recently worsened after the properties went into foreclosure. According to the group’s Facebook page, “The tenants have taken many steps to confront their slumlord…but the situation is being handled slowly through the courts. They say they can’t wait months for something to change. They need something to happen now since they fear a fire or medical emergency.” The rally will begin Thursday at noon, outside the buildings in question.
Occupy Sunset Park [Facebook]

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