Closing Bell: Rally Tonight to Halt Work at PS 29


    This evening parents will rally at PS 29 in Cobble Hill in concern of the asbestos removal at PS 29 while school is still in session, which they say is in violation of the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Regulations. A parent tells us: “On Friday afternoon the parents at PS 29 were informed that on Monday asbestos removal would begin around the windows of the school. Everyone one was completely taken by surprised by this including the administration. We are outraged that the SCA thinks it is safe for our kids to attend a school while they are removing asbestos.” Parents circulated a flier which reads: “Do you trust that containment, cleanup, and monitoring and repeat cleanup will be done meticulously and without error and negligence?! Oppose this work taking place while school is in session! Please join all concerned parents as we protest in front of the school building tonight at 5:30PM.” The asbestos removal was supposed to begin at the school tonight, but it is being postponed until Friday due to the weather. Parents are asking that all construction work cease at the school until summer break. You can also sign a petition to stop the construction work here. The school principle is also encouraging parents to come to the PTA meeting this coming Thursday to address ongoing concerns.

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