Closing Bell: Project Kicks Off to Drain Hipster Lake


A $930,000 construction project to drain McCarren Park of its “Hipster Lake,” the chronic flooding between Bedford and Driggs Avenues around North 12th Street, has kicked off and will last into the summer. DNAinfo reports that Councilman Stephen Levin secured funding for the project, which will include “renovating pathways to prevent flooding in the popular green space.” According to DNAinfo, the North 12th Street entrance has already been fenced off in anticipation of the project. The Open Space Alliance cleared the park drains a few years ago but they clogged back up quickly, and it often takes workers a full day to suck up Hipster Lake with an electric pump after it rains.
McCarren Park’s ‘Hipster Lake’ to Dry Up by Summer [DNA Info]
Photo by Meredith Chesney via DNA Info

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