Closing Bell: Impale Your Pumpkins in Cobble Hill


Here’s a note from Jane Greengold, the Cobble Hill-based artist who has been covering her fence with pumpkins every Halloween for the past ten years. “For more than ten years I have been impaling 100 individually carved pumpkins on a spiked iron fence in Cobble Hill for Halloween, and then leaving the pumpkins to rot into gruesome, gnarly shapes. This year, we are inviting others to join in, adding to the number. There are 274 spikes on the fence, so there is lots of room for participation.” They are looking for pumpkins around five inches in diameter, taller than they are round, and soft enough to carve. Cut a 3/4-inch square hole in the bottom of the pumpkin, and carve a face. Remove the insides of the pumpkin through the face. Then bring your carved pumpkin to the corner of Kane and Strong between 3 pm and 7 pm on October 31st. The pumpkin will be impaled for you! See pictures of previous pumpkin projects here.

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