Closing Bell: Fundraiser for the Broken Angel Museum


Could there be a happy ending to the very sad story of Bed Stuy’s Broken Angel? Yesterday Gothamist reported that a Kickstarter campaign has begun in an effort to turn the idiosyncratic building, recently foreclosed upon, into a museum. The goal is to raise $50,000. For $20, you can submit an art piece on one square inch of paper to be displayed at Broken Angel. The project is called “Broken Angel Squared.” As the Kickstarter says, “The first $50,000.00 will be used to safeguard the art collection that will eventually be housed in the muesum. This includes Arthur Wood’s work in addition to the pieces submitted as part of Broken Angel Squared. All submitted pieces will be archived and preserved for display.”
Help Save Brooklyn’s Broken Angel Building [Gothamist]
Broken Angel Squared [Kickstarter]

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