Closing Bell: Eagle Clothes Sign Is Coming Down


Today DNAinfo reports that the Eagle Clothes sign, the beloved signage that’s graced Gowanus for more than half a century, will be torn down. U-Haul rents trucks and runs a self-storage facility out of the building on which the signage lives. They are dismantling the sign to add two additional floors to the building. Although the folks at U-Haul hoped to reinstall the Eagle signage, it cannot go on top of the addition because it’d be too tall for city height limits. According to DNAinfo, “U-Haul will keep the sign’s pieces and incorporate some of them into the expanded building as a nod to the neighborhood’s bygone days.” The Eagle clothing company opened in the factory back in 1951 until it filed for bankruptcy in 1989. The dismantling has already started and should last about a week. What a loss to the Brooklyn skyline!

Eagle Clothes Sign Being Torn Down After More Than 60 Years in Brooklyn [DNA Info]
Photo by joseph a

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