Closing Bell: Close-up on the Squibb Park Bridge


This afternoon local pols, Marty Markowitz, and Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Regina Meyer came together to sing the praises of the Squibb Park Bridge. The bridge spans will go up in two weeks, and the bridge will be totally complete by the end of the year. It will connect Squibb Park from Brooklyn Heights to Pier One at Brooklyn Bridge Park.. The bridge, which is divided up into two large spans, is now at at the base of the park. On Friday, Dec. 14 the portion of the bridge inside the park will be installed. The second portion, from the pier to Squibb Park, goes in Saturday the 15th. A single crane will be able to carry a single span of bridge — the lightweight bridge was designed with installation in mind. The bridge designer, Ted Zoli of HNTB Corporation, was on hand to give background on its design and construction. He explained that the idea of the bridge was inspired by the fence posts already existing in the park, which are made of black locust lumber and galvanized cable. The black locust is a local species of rot-resistant hardwood that requires no treatment. It starts as a goldish color and then fades to gray. The entire bridge was imagined as a “gangway,” in homage to the gangways leading to the vessels back when the area was a shipping port. Its under-slung design provides uninterrupted views of downtown Manhattan. And because it’s so lightweight, the bridge has a bounce when you cross it. (You will be able to walk bikes across, but not ride them.) Council Member Steve Levin called it “an engineering marvel,” and Senator Daniel Squadron said, “This is great news for Brooklyn, and all of New York City.” Couldn’t agree more! Click through for lots more pictures.

That’s bridge designer Zoli  below, explaining the logic behind the design.

Where the spans of bridge will be installed inside the park.

Another bridge platform.

The bridge entrance from inside the park.

The park fenceposts — the inspiration for the bridge materials used.

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