Closing Bell: “Civic Virtue” Is Now at Green-Wood


    Today the Green-Wood Cemetery reports that they have successfully installed Frederick MacMonnies’ 15-foot-high sculpture from the 1920s, called “Civic Virtue.” The statue has a story behind it, and here’s the abridged version: It was built in the Bronx, then installed in City Hall Park in Manhattan. Then it made its way to Queens, where it fell into disrepair. Green-Wood’s president Richard Moylan suggested it come to the cemetery, where it could be restored with funds from the conservancy. Some Queens residents weren’t happy about the decision, but some Queens residents didn’t like the statue in the first place. (You can read the long version of the story here.) The sculpture was installed yesterday morning, and Green-Wood will begin restoration this spring.
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    Photo via Green-Wood Cemetery

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