Checking in on the River Cafe


    We were curious to see Dumbo’s River Cafe in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, considering how badly the iconic restaurant was hit last week. The entrance is blocked off by caution tape, but there were cars in the driveway so work on the interior is likely moving along. The front garden looked mostly cleaned up. Here’s an update from the restaurant, posted on the website last Friday:

    “The River Cafe is presently without electrical or telephone service. Technicians from Con Edison are working to restore power and Verizon will soon be working on the telephone system. We hope to have the ability to return emails and telephone calls by early next week. We apologize again while we assess the situation. It is too soon to understand when The River Cafe will be ready to serve guests, but this website will have updates as the work moves forward. Thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to help.”

    Right after the storm, the owner suspected the restaurant wouldn’t be able to open “for a long time. Probably not for weeks or months.” He estimated millions of dollars worth of damage.
    River Cafe Flooded by Storm Surge [Huffington Post]

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