Census Reveals A Changing Brooklyn


    Both the New York Times and New York Magazine take a look at the latest census figures, which were released Tuesday, and note the dramatic population shift in many Brooklyn neighborhoods since 2000. “Some of the largest population gains since 2000 were recorded in places that not long ago might have been considered marginal, including Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg in Brooklyn,” the NY Times article says. Despite population gains, the Hispanic population has decreased in Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint with the black population fell by double-digits in Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. Despite these decreasing figures, New York Magazine still finds that that “Kings is gaining on Queens for the title of most diverse county in the nation, and possibly the world.” Brooklyn’s cultural map is dictated heavily by the constant inflow of immigrants, making it hard to keep track of neighborhood dynamics. As the article states, “Sunset Park is becoming less Chinese and more Mexican, Bensonhurst less Italian and more Chinese, Flatbush more Jewish and more Muslim at the same time.” The map, via NY Magazine, shows the densest population of certain immigrant groups in the borrough.
    Region is Reshaped as Minorities Go to Suburbs [NY Times]
    …Brooklyn and Queens Competing to be Most Diverse City in the World
    Map via NY Magazine

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