Fort Greene’s No. 7 Restaurant Moving to New Prospect Heights Location

Photo by Craig Hubert


In an Instagram post on July 14, chef Tyler Kord announced that service would conclude at Fort Greene’s No. 7 Restaurant at the end of the month.

“It has been an absolute pleasure serving Fort Greene all these years,” he wrote in the post about the bistro, which opened at 7 Greene Avenue (hence the name) in 2008.

But they are not going away for long. In the same statement, Kord announced they would be moving to a new location in Prospect Heights in the fall. (A short notice about the move buried at the bottom of a story in the New York Times on July 13 noted the address as 627 Vanderbilt Avenue and said the name would stay the same).

The last night of service in Fort Greene, he added, will be July 23.

no 7 restaurant fort greene

Photo by Craig Hubert

A neighborhood mainstay for the last decade-plus, No. 7 was known for its lively atmosphere, packed bar (especially after a performance at nearby BAM) and dishes such as the double-decker broccoli tacos.

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