Bed Stuy Fresh and Local Designing With Tile, Salvage Windows


Bed Stuy Fresh and Local was redoing their facade and installing tile when we stopped by yesterday. Co-founder Dylan Ricards told us they hope to open in December.

Initial plans called for a plant wall out front, but that proved cost prohibitive at $15,000. Instead, the front will be made up of a patchwork of salvage windows Ricards picked up for only a tenth of the price, or $1,500.

Inside 210 Patchen, the high white wall tile in the butcher section was done and floor tile was going in. The wall tile had tiny grout lines, just like in an old-time store, and looked perfectly straight.

Outside on the other side of the building, Ricards uncovered an old shop window whose structure is made of copper. He found some old tin ceiling tiles inside to cover the area under the window.

The refrigeration units have been picked out and will be delivered as soon as the store places their order, he said. Click through to the jump to see inside. GMAP



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