Associated Supermarket Closing, Residences to Come


After many months of rumors concerning the demise of the Associated Supermarket on Myrtle Avenue between Hall and Ryerson, the supermarket will indeed close up shop by the end of the month. A store employee said that there are only a few weeks left for the store, which is the only active storefront on that particular strip of Myrtle. She said the building will be renovated and the supermarket will return once the new build is complete. A tipster also heard that work would last until the end of 2013, and stated a sentiment we’ve heard from many locals: “Sort of annoying, as this store is the most convenient for all those nearby Pratt.” What remains a mystery is if any housing will be added to this site. Recently, the building developer filed for two DOB permits: one to remove the roof structure and “readjust the existing structure height” and another to renovate and expand the existing commercial space. (The owners have not filed any demolition permits.) Public records show that Silverstone Property Group closed on all the buildings from 504 to 524 Myrtle Avenue this December for $5,557,500. The entire lot is zoned R7A, which allows for seven- and eight-story buildings. UPDATE: We’ve received confirmation that there will be residential development above the ground floor, although there are no more details beyond that. The Associated will likely reopen at some point during construction. Stay tuned!

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