Artsy New Tree Guards for Myrtle Avenue


The Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership is installing 28 new tree guards and 22 new tree benches on Myrtle Avenue before the new year. This is the second phase of installation; 40 tree guards and benches went on the avenue in the summer of 2011. The design for the two types of tree guards was reached through a community process and the panels were designed by 24 local artists. Designs range from graphic patterns and shapes to abstractions of real-world objects. According to MARP, “For this phase of the street furniture program, the Partnership worked with art teachers at neighborhood schools, with 10 of the selected panel designs coming from students at these schools, some as young as preschoolers.” They plan to raise more funds for a third round of tree guards, likely in areas slated for capital improvement projects in the near future, like the Myrtle Pedestrian Plaza. Check out a picture of the designs at the MARP Flickr page!
Photo by myrtle_avenue_brooklyn

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