Brownstoner’s Top 10 Instagram Picks From Afropunk 2019

Photo by Susan De Vries


A break in the summer heat meant a mild, beautiful weekend for the crowds that gathered in Commodore Barry Park for Brooklyn’s Afropunk Fest this weekend.

Since it first launched in 2005, the two-day musical event has become known as much for its culturally diverse lineups as for the vibrant, free-spirited energy of the festival-goers. The festival has since expanded beyond Brooklyn, with events in Atlanta, Paris, London and Johannesburg.

afro punk

Photo by Susan De Vries

The crowds weren’t yet out in full force when Brownstoner swung by on Saturday afternoon, but the pulse of the music was beating out from Commodore Barry Park as fabulously attired attendees strolled towards the entrances. Food vendors, artist and activists were setting up on the surrounding sidewalks and photographers were lying in wait to capture the vibe.

After sorting through hundreds of images looking for photos that encapsulated the spirit of the weekend, here are our top 10 picks.

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